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Locating service

Our locating service finds the information you need. Whether you are a lawyer, bailiff, owner of income properties or a citizen with a judgment in hand, our screening service will be able to find the missing information allowing you to move forward in your process; call us, we will make the difference.

Here are some examples:

  • You are looking for a person or a company that has failed in its obligations to you.

  • You are taking steps to claim alimony from your ex-spouse.

  • A former tenant owes you unpaid monthly payments.

  • You are trying to join a witness in a dispute.

  • You seek to know the employment of an individual for a garnishment of his salary.

  • You find hidden defects which the former owner failed to declare during the sale.

  • Looking for lost friends.

Our location service applies to any individual or business.

Here are our different types of report:

Address - Employment - Bank

  • 1 research = 137$

  • 2 research = 167$

  • 3 research = 227$

Asset search and solvency = 377$

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