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Pre-Rental Survey

Our Pre-Rental investigation service tracks key information about your future tenants to avoid unpleasant surprises. Our investigations are carried out with rigor, efficiency and promptness. This simple step practically reduces problematic and unscrupulous tenants by 100%.  

Our various reports include factual information (Criminal - credit file) in addition to references (owner and employer). The accumulation of this information allows an informed decision.

We are also aware that service times are an important issue and therefore daily statuses are carried out until the report is closed. This way you are constantly up to date with developments.

Here is what our investigators seek to target through our reports:

  • Noisy and partying behavior

  • Bad payers

  • Unclean behaviors

  • People with a criminal history and with the Régie du logement

  • Fake identities

  • People in financial difficulty  

Our pre-rental service applies to any individual or company.

Here are our different types of report:

Basic package = 45$

  • Detailed credit file

  • Job confirmation

Complete package = 80$

  • Detailed credit file

  • Criminal record

  • Owner reference

  • Employment reference

  • Régie du logement

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